Sabco vehicles – Diagnostic services

The latest in diagnostic tools and technology at our fingertips

At Sabco Vehicles, we have a wide range of software and diagnostic tools, allowing us to quickly and efficiently identify faults in more or less any modern vehicle. Our experienced technicians are also highly skilled at diagnosing faults in older, classic or specialist vehicles.

Have you suddenly got permanently illuminated or flashing lights on your dash?

In modern vehicles, warning lights on the dashboard are often the first sign of a fault; from a dead sensor to imminent engine failure, the warning lights displayed are designed to alert the driver to a potential problem. The individual lights tell a very limited story about what may be wrong with your vehicle. For a fast and accurate diagnosis, the best course of action will be to visit us, in order to have our technicians check the fault codes from your ECU. Using their extensive knowledge, they will identify the problem area (or areas) with you, before discussing any repair options with you.

With universal tools, such as Snap-On MODIS, we can access your vehicle’s ECU which is your engine’s ‘control centre’. This allows us to rapidly diagnose problems with all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. Our technicians have likely seen it all before. Even if you have an intermittent issue with your vehicle and no warning lights are illuminated, the chances are we can help.

No matter what the problem with your vehicle, at Sabco Vehicles we’re confident we’ll be able to diagnose and repair rapidly and efficiently. We have built an excellent reputation as diagnostic specialists within the area; our loyal customers’ return time after time due to our high quality, friendly, yet affordable garage services.

Book online, 24-hours a day

It’s now possible to book in diagnostic appointments online, meaning you can fit it in around you. Just enter your registration into our booking service in order to book, at a time that suits you best. If you’re due a service or an MOT it’s best to get your diagnostic test booked in sooner rather than later. We can help to identify issues that might be spotted during your MOT test and can cause you more money later down the line. Book online with Sabco Vehicles, and we’ll make sure your vehicle is in full working order.

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