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Air con servicing and re-gassing in Bishopton

We offer full servicing and re-gassing of air conditioning systems, covering all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercials.

An efficient air con system is not just useful for comfort in the summer. Air conditioning is used in nearly all new vehicles for ‘de-misting’ the air from the system as well as blowing out cool air. A well maintained air con system, therefore, means that you can de-mist your vehicle faster and more efficiently when needed.

It might be costing you more than you think

A poorly maintained system will have a detrimental effect on your vehicles fuel economy. Aircon systems are powered directly from your engine. As a result, if your air con system is not running efficiently it will have to work much harder, using more fuel in the process.

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The average air conditioning system in good condition will usually lose a notable percentage of its refrigerant gas over the course of a year, even if it’s not been used at all. During a full service of your system at Sabco Vehicles, we’ll check for any obvious leaks. We’ll empty out the old refrigerant gas, along with the old lubricant contained within the system. The system will then be filled with new lubricant and gas.

Suffering from an unpleasant odour from your air conditioning system?

We offer an anti-bacterial treatment service, which is the way to fix the issue for air con systems that develop unpleasant or musty smells.

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We offer a few options when it comes to air conditioning servicing, from a basic re-gassing, all the way through to a full clean out of the system, including anti-bacterial treatment. These services can all be booked online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just enter your vehicle’s registration, pick the service you require and book an appointment for a time that fits around you.

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