Sabco Vehicles – MOT test and Servicing

Full, interim and major servicing with an MOT test can save you money!

At Sabco Vehicles we have our own MOT testing station, staffed by our DVSA trained technicians.

Nearly every vehicle over 3 years of age requires a valid MOT test certificate, in order to be legally driven on UK roads. During an MOT test, your vehicle is subjected to a variety of checks, such as structural integrity, braking efficiency, tyre tread depths, engine emissions and all the external lights and signals.

How do I check when my MOT is due?

You can now check online when your next MOT test is due. Just enter your registration into our online booking tool to find out! It’s also worth noting that you can have your MOT test conducted up to one month prior to your current certificates expiry date. The new certificate will then run from the expiry date of the old one, giving you 13 months MOT.

Van or car servicing

Regular servicing is the best way to keep your vehicle running smoothly and at maximum efficiency. At Sabco Vehicles we offer 3 standard service options. We always use high-quality oil, fluids, lubricants and parts, matched expertly to your vehicle and engine specification.

Keeping up to date with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedule is the ideal way to maintain the best performance from your vehicle. It’s also the easiest way to prolong the life of your vehicle’s major components. During a full or major service, our technicians will carry out multipoint checks in order to identify any developing or future issues. This service ‘health check’ is the best way to avoid breakdowns and major mechanical failures.

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Interim service – Most manufacturers recommend an interim service to be undertaken twice a year, or around every 6,000 miles. It consists of an oil and filter change, along with a basic visual check of all the major components of your engine. Regular oil changes are one of the most vital aspects of maintaining a healthy engine, especially if you are driving longer distances throughout the year.

Oil is designed to lubricate the major moving parts in your engine. When the oil gets old, it becomes contaminated with various particle build-up from the inside of your engine. Without regular oil changes, these contaminants build up, eventually reducing the efficiency of your engine and potentially causing significant damage in the process.

Full Service – ideally undertaken every year or around every 12,000 miles, a full service includes an oil change as above, alongside a much more detailed multipoint check of all the major components of your vehicle, including the brakes, engine, exhaust and electrics. We’ll check all fluid levels and advise accordingly of any potential problem areas. If we spot any early warning signs during such a service, we’ll discuss with you prior to undertaking any repairs.

Major (2-year) service – usually recommended around every 24,000 miles, a major service includes everything contained within a full service in addition to a check on air and pollen filters and spark plugs or fuel filter for diesel cars. We’ll change your brake fluid, along with checking and topping up all other fluids and lubricants. We’ll also check and adjust all drive belts as required.

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